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We are moving webpages!

Alyvian, Sep 18, 10 12:28 PM.
Well its been discussed over and over, but we never got around to it, till today:

it is still under heavy construction but we are moving our things there because well, we got more control of the page this way and we can make it shinier :D

Webpage payment canceled

Alyvian, May 12, 10 9:00 AM.
I figured i would give a headsup as i am not sure what is going to happen, i just canceled the webpayments as well, we are not using the page anymore as much / at all and there is no point paying for something that isn't being used.

Aion Remberance Video

Alyvian, Mar 14, 10 5:14 AM.
As well, this is about due. This video will take you through some of the highlights we had as a legion in aion

and like i said in the video, may we meet again somewhere down the line.

STO launch/tranquility launch and pie!

Alyvian, Feb 17, 10 1:39 PM.
Well, this is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue but here goes everything. As all of you have noticed the website has started to go over a few little changes. The banner got updated (gotta redo it soon as there are still a few problem area's with it but its looking nice :)). The bars got a nice updated and we stepped off of the red motive that was across the site before. 

There is plenty to come still though. I am playing with an idea to completely redo the site from the ground up (which we got the controls to do) but that is still a while away tho). But back to the mainreason why i am posting this news post.

as some of you guys and girls know we took a bold jump and set up shop in STO. It started of as a lil fleet with barely 5 people at the first of February and well, we are rocking about 150 people now. Which is a fairly steep curve in growth, having said that we do not know how many are still active and are intending to keep playing (as we can not see it) and waiting for cryptic to implement tools that do allow us to see that.

now off to more lightheaded stuff, the first sunday of the game we decided to rock out a bit, despite it being the superbowl well, we knew how to move :>

and if that wasn't bad enough, look at what they did to your fearless leader

and ofcourse the almost perfect lineup

and somewhat unrelated but it had to go in due to awsomeness of the purple (god i wish it was pink)

anyways i will try to pick up the slack with the newsposts and get some pie flowing across the fleet :)

we got a fleet meet coming up and well talks will be talks 

and, we got a new vent :D, that we can use, see more information on the forums 
speaking about the forums ye, they got a bit of an expansion and collapse aswell so headover there and spam till ya drop (or something like that)

- alyvian 

Make sure your NCSoft Master Acct. password and Aion password are DIFFERENT!

illi73, Dec 22, 09 12:30 PM.
Here's something I discovered and it is CRITICAL for each of you to pay attention to this and take appropriate action if needed!

In case of Aion you have TWO passwords:

- A password to log into the game
- A password to log into your Master Account.

If you didn't have a master account before buying Aion (like me) or if you linked Aion info to your Master account when there was the need to update your passwords (some time during beta), THOSE TWO PASSWORDS WILL BE THE SAME. Maybe in some other situations as well

You do NOT want this. Here's why:

If you log into Aion and they somehow intercept your username and password (be it through a keylogger or packet interception, etc.) they can log into Aion... but if the password for Aion is the same as for your Master Account, then they ALSO have access to your master account as well with the same information and can thus log in there and modify your password, blocking your access to everything (including guildwars if you have it).

However, if your Master Account password is different, they could log into your Aion, but won't be able to modify the password because they don't have the info to log into your Master Account. You can then go there yourself (be safe however, really careful that you don't have a keylogger or something, do it from work if you can, or some other computer) and reset the AION password. That means once they log off they can't log back in (may take a while for bots though) and you have your access back.

If they happen to have a backdoor into the registration database on the authentication server then this won't help you much, but it is a step extra which may keep you safe. Then, also log into your Master Account as little as possible to prevent that that main password slips.

Finally, how to make sure your passwords are different:

- Log into your Master Account (I myself do it via the NCSoft store usually, )
- Click "Log in" in the top.
- On the right you see the link to the games you own, like Aion. Do NOT click there! Instead, in that same list, click "Account Profile"
- On the next window, somewhere in the top you can see a link "Change NCSOFT password". That is the MASTER ACCOUNT password.
- Change it to something you want to use to log into your master account with.
- When the password has been changed you return to the NCSoft account management page.
- On the right you see again the link to the games you own and NOW you click on the one with the Aion icon.
- The next page looks fairly similar, once again you see a box on top but this time it reads "Change password" (different from the previous one)
- This is where you type the password you want to use to log into Aion itself.

So, of course (logging into the game far more often than into your master account) it's much more likely that your game password gets intercepted than your main password... better make damn sure they are different! ;)

Good luck and let's hope that there's no more of these hack cases amongst us.
So-and-so has logged on!